Friday, September 7, 2012

The question I get asked the most is...

"What should I buy?"

Okay, obviously this is more of a practical post than a very deep one. But it does happen to me a lot. I'm asked often especially about mobile devices. To say that mobile is how we like our technology is a bit of an understatement. So I'm often asked what people should get. Now if I had my way, I'd have something picked out for someone, but often-especially with something as personal as mobile tech-it's a matter of personal preference. So, I'll go over where each platform stands right now, (Objectively, I promise) and hopefully that will help you make the best choice for you.

iPhone (iOS)-Apple

It's impossible to talk about this without talking about the impending iPhone 5. As of now, we know nothing about the thing. However if leaks are to be accurate (just Google iPhone 5, watch what happens), then some people may be disappointed by the, well, lack of change. We do know, however, more about what the iPhone 5 (and 4s, and 4) will be running. iOS6 will have some changes to it, such as FaceTime over cellular networks and not just Wi-Fi, turn-by-turn directions *finally*, and some other features the 5 will no doubt be advertised with. Looks? Well, it looks pretty much the same as iOS5, with about the same limited customization options. If you were hoping for widgets to be added, too bad.

Things to note:
When the 5 is announced, the price of the others will obviously drop. If the 5 doesn't sell you, maybe a dirt cheap 4 will.
If you've used an iPhone before, jumping ship will surely be hard. Chances are high that you've bought an app on iTunes that won't work on any other platform, or you've managed to get iCloud working. That might be enough reason to just stick on Team iPhone.

Advice: If you love Apple, use it, or are interested in the iPhone, it can't hurt you to wait for September 12.

Galaxy S, One, Droid, and others (Android platform)-Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, Pantech, Sony, Huawi

Before we go any further, let me make one thing very clear that hasn't been for some time:
ANDROID is a platform, just like iOS. DROID is a device series that Verizon paid out the butt for the rights to use from George Lucas. Now that you have had that quick crash course, never confuse the two again. Thank you.

Anyway, the Android platform has never been better. The newest version, called Jelly Bean, has been announce, but has begun it's slow roll out. Of course, that might not be as slow now that Motorolla has promised that every phone that can be updated (if it was released in 2011 or 2012) will be by years end-with Google backing that up. And if your phone can't be? You get $100 to get a phone that can. This will hopefully get every other Android manufacturer in gear to keep Android devices updated, becuase that would be the greatest weakness of the OS. Unless you get a huge flag ship device, you can't be sure that the phone will still run well over the next 2 odd years you'll have it. Thankfully, the version of Android on most new phones (called Ice Cream Sandwich) is both stable and wonderful, so you shouldn't have many problems for some time. As for phones themselves? They are a plenty. You've probably heard of the Galaxy SIII somewhere, and rightfully so. It's on many carries, and is a great price at a cool $200. Becuase Android devices can be so varied across carriers, let me drop some links to what I think is the best for each carrier. *All of them have the SIII, so just consider it already on the list.*


HTC One X (the best value you can get in a smart phone!):
Sony Xperia Ion:


Motorolla Droid Razr M:
HTC Droid Incredible:


Samsung Galaxy Nexus:


HTC One S:
Samsung Galaxy SII:

Things to note: It's fall, so there are about to be a bunch of new phones drop all over. If you can wait, wait a couple of weeks for everyone to announce their fall lines.

Advice: If the SIII doesn't whet your whistle, there's something that just might. Be sure to give the phone a test run at a store before buying. Plenty of people are just unwilling to try to figure out what they are doing and cry "iPhone, iPhone!" Remember, the iPhone doesn't even have a manual. You're kind of expected to figure it all out yourself.

Windows Phone

To be honest, this platform isn't even actually out yet. You can get a feel for what they are going for on the current Windows Phone 7 devices that are running around. The problem with WP8 is that it hasn't gotten it's footing quite yet. I don't really have a full opinion of this OS quite yet. I like the Xbox integation with games. The tiles could be cool, but you can even customize the iPhone more. What I really think will be the appeal of WP8 will be the fact that their platform-as opposed to any other mobile platform-is, at it's core, the same kernal as Windows 8 for computer. To boil it down, the phone will work in conjunciton to your PC better than any other device. That, and the fact that big names like Nokia, Samsung, and HTC will be releasing devices that look and feel great and unique, just may make WP8 your choice.

Things to note: There isn't actually a confirmed Windows Phone 8 on any U.S. carriers yet. So keep your eyes out!

Advice: Go look up Nokia's WP8 keynote presentation. That should tell you right off if you'd like WP8.


..................................just wait for BlackBerry 10. If it doesn't interest you, don't bother.

So, there you have it, my advice about what mobile device to get for yourself. Hopefully this helps you make the best choice for you.

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